Early Registration Discount

If you register and pay your $100 deposit before 5pm on March 31st, 2015 you will receive $75 off your overall bill. This discount can be combined with our merit-based and diversity scholarships with the exception of the Oregon Jazz Festival Scholarship.


Merit-Based Scholarships

Scholarships are provided by our camp to students who have received any of the following honors. These scholarships do not stack. If you are eligible for more than one, you may choose the ONE with the highest value. Only ONE Summer Music Camp scholarship per camper.

– 2015 All State Band, Jazz Band, or Orchestra Participant $75
– 2015 All Northwest Band, Jazz Band, or Orchestra Participant $75
– 2014 or 2015 State Solo/Ensemble Participant $75
– 2014 UO Music Camp Participant $50
– 2014 Jazz Camp Most Valuable Player $100
– 2014 Jazz Camp Most Improved $75
– 2014 Jazz Camp Happy Camper $75
– 2014 Jazz Camp Theory Award $75
– Oregon Jazz Festival Scholarship- Amounts vary partial-full tuition


Concert Band Camp Grace Ho Scholarship

Overview & Guidelines

The Grace Ho Scholarship is awarded annually and covers full tuition for the University of Oregon Summer Concert Band Camp. Applicants should be high school students with a passion for music. The recipient will be chosen based on musical performance and responses to provided questions in a video submitted via YouTube. Both the responses to the questions and musical ability will be judged equally.


The Grace Ho Scholarship covers full tuition for one high school student to attend the UO Summer Concert Band Camp. The scholarship covers ‘Plan 1’ of the summer camp’s pay options. This includes full tuition, t-shirt, locker, housing, and all meals. The student must provide their own transportation to and from the camp. In total, the scholarship is for $595.00.



1) Create your audition video. (see link above for an example video)

    Your audition video should include:

a. Clearly introduce yourself (First and Last name, high school, grade, and instrument)
b. Clearly answer the following questions:

– What inspired you to play your instrument?
– How will going to camp enhance your music education?
– What are your musical aspirations?

c. Two pieces of contrasting style (ex. one up-tempo; one slower, more lyrical). We recommend using the audition requirements for the Oregon All-State groups.

2) Upload your video to YouTube.

3) Submit materials.

Fill out the online application HERE. Be sure to paste the link to your YouTube audition video in the form submitted below.

4) Pay application fee.

    An application fee of $10.00 is required to cover office fees in order to make this scholarship possible. Please pay through the scholarship website.

Only applicants with both a completed application, video, and payment will be considered.

5) Wait for results.

You will be notified once your materials have been received. The winner will be selected on June 1, 2014.


Concert Band Camp Diversity Scholarship


Student must be a member in good standing in his/her school band program, must represent a minority from his/her community, and must play a traditional wind band instrument.  Selection priority will be based on instrumentation, representation, and need.

In order to be considered for a Concert Band Camp Diversity Scholarship, you must be nominated by your director, prepare a recording, and submit a résumé. Scholarships range in amount from $100.00 to full tuition. The number of scholarships and amount of awards change annually and are based on available funding. You will receive written notification of the scholarship results on or around June 1st.



You must submit the following:

– Letter of nomination by director
– A recording of the applicant on his/her instrument (below, see details)
– 1-page résumé
– A completed scholarship application form
Recording: The recording must be on a CD or DVD (video recordings are acceptable). Recording can not be submitted by e-mail or be altered or edited in any way. Clearly mark your CD or DVD with your name and phone number

The recording must include:

– Two pieces of contrasting style (ex. one up-tempo; one slower, more lyrical).
– Two scales of your choice (2 octaves).


*TIP: If you do not have the means to make a recording at home, ask your music teacher at school.


Résumé: Please provide a brief, one-page résumé of your playing experience. This may include school experience, special performances, other camps you have attended, private lesson experience, and any other pertinent musical details. Click here for a sample résumé.


Application Form: Download and fill out the application form. Please print your information clearly on the form.


Mail these items to the following address:

Summer Music Camps

Attn: Dr. Rodney Dorsey
1225 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1225